In my tribe people live in families
The family has a mother a father a son a daughter a dog & a cat
They live in a happy home with walls floors dishes doors and a basement
The son and daughter go to school
The mother and father go to work downtown
The cat steals the dog’s food
The dog chases the cat downstairs
The cat runs back upstairs and slams the basement door
The dog is trapped downstairs and begins to howl
The son & daughter come home from school
The daughter says ‘why do I feel like shit?’ & goes to her room
The son says ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’ & goes to his room
The cat licks her fur
The father & mother come home from work
The father says ‘I need a drink — what’s for dinner?’
The mother says ‘guess what happened at work today?’
The dog howls
The cat grooms
The sun sets. It is beautiful.
The mother chops meat the father cooks rice
The daughter and son dive into social media & games
The father says ‘why do I feel like shit?’
The mother says ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’
The dog sleeps. The cat spits up.
The dishes fly off the shelves. The doorbell rings.

Author: frog

pants-wearing brown-eyed biped who clicks and plucks.

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