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Anyone who’s visited my house can tell you that I have lots of recorded music, in the form of vinyl and CDs. God bless my wife for putting up with it all.

When MP3 players became a thing I started digitizing my collection. Over the years I have accumulated thousands of digital tracks which I store on a server in my basement.

I have long wished for an easy way to play these tracks on my [analog] home stereo system. Recently I was clued in to the solution: run MPD on a raspberry pi. [Thanks for the suggestion, Chris Hermansen!]

It’s come together and I can now listen to anything in my collection on my stereo…controlled from my phone! Here’s the project overview:

1. purchased a raspberry pi [leftmost board in photo above] from Ada’s Technical books for $46.
2. downloaded n00bs from the raspberry pi website and copied it to a microSD card
3. connected keyboard, mouse, and TV to the pi
4. powered it up and installed raspian OS using the n00bs software
5. configured wifi networking
6. installed MPD using apt-get
7. ordered a DAC module [aka a ‘hat’] from Scotland
8. installed the DAC [middle board in photo above]
9. put the case together [pieces on right in photo above]
10. edited /boot/config.txt to use the DAC driver
11. configured MPD
12. connected the little pi to my stereo system’s aux input
++ At this point I tested using local command line client MPC to confirm I could play music
13. created a public read-only samba share for my music files
14. configured the pi to automount that share on boot
15. created a port forwarding entry in my router for port 6600 [for MPD traffic]
16. installed MPD client on my phone
17. wasted lots of time trying to determine why the client connection was being refused by MPD
18. after rebooting the pi — success!

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2 thoughts on “new stereo component”

  1. Just great to read about your success! The whole RPi thing is just a wonderful phenomenon; making it play high quality music – that takes it to another level.



  2. Project update: I installed icecast2 on the little pi and now I can stream the tunes played by mpd to my phone [and other devices]. Sweet!

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